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We design & develop quality products to help students, schools, beginning developers and small businesses.

From expert consulting to designing the front-end to coding the back-end, our solutions are one of a kind to meet all of your unique business needs.


Our consulting and development expertise have worked to help numerous clients achieve their goals. Discover select client projects which showcase our work.


Curriculum taught in schools should reflect the skillsets that real world employers need. Learn about the Web Development workshops we offer teachers.

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Core Values

Our core values make us who we are.
  • Be Honest

    As a company operating around the knowledge of our staff, honesty is essential to ensure we provide the best service possible. We want to earn your respect through both honesty and successful projects.

  • Code Efficiently

    We strive to perform all tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, saving us time and you money. Through detailed Project Evaluations and documentation, we aim for quality and accuracy before coding ever begins.

  • Work Collaboratively

    We want to do great things with your company. In order to achieve that goal, we put ourselves out there to make our team, your team. Close collaboration helps us tweak and customize solutions for your project.

  • Play Competitively

    Our goal is to be competitive in the market place by offering fair and accurate pricing for our top notch services. We always work hard and play to win while following through with our mission: do the right thing.

E-Learning Courses

  • Fundamentals of JavaScript

    For Web Design Teachers

    Available 24/7 

    Pre-Requisites: HTML & basic JavaScript knowledge required.

    It's important to understand the basic fundamentals of JavaScript to see the broad picture of how it can be applied in real world applications. From declaring variables to creating and calling functions, this course you will learn how to create and interact with forms and how to use various form field attributes. Using object-oriented JavaScript you will be able to retrieve form field values and interact with the DOM. You will also learn about arrays, control structures, custom windows and canvas graphics. The course is broken down into two units, with two critical thinking assessments due at the end of the first unit and one critical thinking assessment due at the end of second unit.

    Participants will have an account created in EduBolt, which will be used for all coursework. Participating teachers will be expected to complete all 9 lessons and the three assessments. Detailed lessons and examples, as well as video guidance, are provided.

    Unit 1Lesson 1-5, Critical Thinking Assessments 1 & 2
    Unit 2Lesson 6-9, Critical Thinking Assessment 3

    Upon Completion: 15 CPE hour certificate & a course evaluation form.

  • Fundamentals of PHP 7 and MySQL

    For Web Development Teachers

    Available 24/7 

    Pre-Requisites: HTML & basic PHP knowledge required.

    In this course, you will learn how to create scripts using PHP which contain variables, functions, and control and repetition statements. You will also learn how to use a MySQL database, perform file handling and string manipulation, as well how to utilize cookies and sessions. The course is broken down into two units, with one critical thinking assessment due at the end of each unit. Detailed lessons and examples, as well as video guidance, are provided. A simple case study project must also be completed.

    Participants will have an account created in EduBolt, which will be used for all coursework. Participating teachers will be expected to complete all 9 lessons, both assessments and a case study project requiring the creation of a database driven website.

    Unit 1Lesson 1-5, Critical Thinking Assessment 1
    Unit 2Lesson 6-9, Critical Thinking Assessment 2
    Case Study Project
    Assume you work for an insurance company and would like to allow your insured policy holders to easily keep track of their belongings. You must create a MySQL database and website layout from scratch, as well as the form to add belongings into the system. The form should contain fields for the items' name, original purchase price, date of purchase, and allow the upload of a receipt. The website should display the belongings that have been entered, and provide the ability to edit and remove them.

    Upon Completion: 20 CPE hour certificate & a course evaluation form.

EduBolt by VisorCraft®

VisorCraft was founded upon decades spent offering custom tailored web solutions to clients. We have seen and experienced the gap between what schools teach, what students learn and what employers in the real world are looking for. To fill the gap, we created EduBolt - the next generation web design class platform.

EduBolt allows you to create your class and curriculum for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Your students each receive their own unique EduBolt login and personal folder on one of our webservers. With their credentials, students can either upload their work from EduBolt, or use a FTP client. Either way, the entire process is integrated seamlessly with your assignments, with students submitting their files directly to each assignment.

To help teachers stay current with JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL, we also offer web development e-learning courses approved by the Texas Education Agency, CPE #902280.


Our mission is simple: do the right thing.
CEO & Software Architect
Oracle Certified Professional & Zend Certified Engineer
MS IS, MBA Management, BS BA IT

Thomas has worked strategically with numerous clients since 2005, including Harrah's Casino, ING, Disney, DexMedia,, and The Dallas Morning News.

Thomas has well rounded experience architecting and developing Enterprise Grade server-side applications and web applications in various environments. His core specialties are engineering software from the ground up and implementing ingenious solutions to complex problems, developing rock solid software solutions where speed and performance are as important as flawless functionality.

VisorCraft, LLC was founded upon decades of combined experience offering custom tailored solutions to clients. Our individual strengths came together to form a very well rounded company, capable of projects both small and large.

We believe that those who do the right thing will find everything works out in the end. Honesty is the keystone to our success, and we set our sights on performing quality work and delivering projects on time, everytime. By promoting two-way communication, we can better understand your business requirements and come up with the best solutions to your problems.

Quality Assurance & Business Analyst
MBA, Certified Software Test Engineer

Babe has over a decade of professional experience with the "Big 5 Consulting Firms" and the "Top Fortune 100 Companies" in Telecommunications/High Tech IT, Financial and Data Marketing industries, including Accenture and BearingPoint.

Through her relationship forming liaison expertise, Babe is able to identify operating procedures and clarify project objectives. She has led successful launches on critical projects, providing leadership and guidance to team members ensuring everyone is on the same page and fully understands the broad scope of the project, as well as their individual portions.

  • Accenture
  • BearingPoint
  • AH Belo
  • My Corporate Chef
  • Credit Solutions
  • The Dallas Morning News
  • Dex Media
  • Disney
  • Epsilon
  • eWomen Network
  • Fannie Mae
  • Harra's
  • HRsmart
  • ING
  • Monster
  • New Media Gateway
  • Orphic Workshop
  • prism Media Group
  • RankOneSport
  • Rochen
  • Sprint
  • WD Certified

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